Aluminium coverings

Custom made aluminium coverings
for caps and capsules

Our aluminium cap coverings are produced from sheet aluminium and are suitable for covering both synthetic and cork T-caps as well as plastic screw caps.
The cap coverings are available in any colour, and with any effect, both glossy and opaque and with any type of printed logo or graphic and in any order volume, including small batches of a few thousand pieces.

The flexibility of our plant allows us to customize both cap diameter and height upon customer request.

Capsule a vite
Capsule a vite
Capsule a vite

Technical data

Our product range includes many types of aluminium cap coverings.
In the table below you will find the standard sizes and dimensions of our caps.
Upon specific request, we can provide drawings and technical datasheets. Our technical office is available for any modifications and customizations.


18 mm
22 mm
23 mm
24 mm
25 mm
27 mm
27,8 mm
28 mm
29 mm
31,5 mm
33 mm
35 mm
38 mm
42 mm
46 mm


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Screw capsules

Capsule a vite Mignon

Miniature Caps

Capsule a vite Mignon

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Capsule a vite Mignon

for Chromatography

Capsule a vite Mignon