Capsule in alluminio pilfer-proof per bocche a vite


Our screw caps are manufactured using printed aluminium sheets, plain or personalized in one or more colours according to the client's requests.

Our production is designed for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and bottle (wine or spirit) industries.

aluminium caps, roll on, rolled on , Milano, Lombardia

Our Company produces a very wide range of aluminium caps in standard dimensions, with every kind of liner, with pourer, with compound, and it can also manufacture caps in particular sizes (heights and/or diameters) on request.

The high quality level of our products together with the production flexibility are the main features that define the activity of pagani capsule srl.

ITEM diameter mm height mm internal
U 18 18 12 liner
U 20 20 12,5 liner
U 22 22 15 liner
U 24 24 15 liner
U 28 B 28 15 pourer
U 28 28 18 liner/compound/pourer
U 28 K 28 22 liner/compound/pourer
U 31,5 SHV 31 15 liner/compound
U 33 33 18 liner
U 35 35 17,5-18 liner/compound
U 38 38 17,5-18 liner/compound

Technical sheets and drawings are available on request.